Saturday, April 24, 2010


A very short post cos it's only 5 days to exam! Thanks for all the good luck wishes. I've been working quite hard at home but somehow the study material doesn't stick in my head. In the midst of studying, I ate a box of froot loops... and decided to take a big-small photo with the miniature bowl of froot loops that I made.

Not forgetting a new item in my Etsy shop - a bottle of 24 pastel macaroons.

Will be back for more soon! And of course, some good news to share in May... ^_^

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Baking Cupcakes

Taking a break from my studying. I'm not young anymore and yet still taking exams! It is my last paper for my job-related qualifications. Since this is my first sitting, I don't expect to pass. The pass rate is 30%! Nevertheless, I can't NOT study. The feeling of guilt eats into me... I must at least give it a decent attempt. Never give up before you even try!

I've baked some cupcakes for you this weekend. Hope you enjoy them. Available at my Etsy shop. Big thank you to my customers for giving me a sale now and then despite my limited listings... I'm trying my best... I promise more new listings from May onwards.

Custom orders welcome (