Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Miniature Fishball Noodles

I am almost "dying" from the recent haze in Singapore (see below). My eyes hurt and my throat becomes sore if I step out of my house. I also worry about my little girl because at her age, she refuses to wear a mask.

I wanted to share this miniature fishball noodles that I made for my father on his birthday last October. (Why did I only upload it now?!) Have you tried fishball noodles before? It is a very popular dish in Singapore. Its ranking is nowhere near our famous chilli crab or chicken rice, but I think we can't live without it. The flat version of noodles which you see here is called "mee pok" (noodle flat if you translate it directly). 

Just check out the haze condition in Singapore! *eyes tearing again because of the smoke*

 Photo: REUTERS/Edgar Su

Thursday, June 6, 2013

M&M necklace & Giveaway Result

A very sweet customer of mine had a special request. She wanted a brown packet of M&Ms and the chocolate candies displayed on a wooden tray and made into a necklace. This order took 5 months!!! I was stuck with work and she had a long vacation in between. I'm so glad it's finally done and shipped.

Anyway, we have a winner of the giveaway. Congratulations, Rachel! I will contact you for your mailing address shortly.