Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mimo 7-11 Miniature

This is my 4th wedding anniversary gift. A convenience store drink cabinet set from Mimo! Mimo is the Hong Kong version of Re-ment and I love it, especially since it has been years Re-ment produced something I like. I didn't get all the sets as Mimo is quite pricey. Each set costs about US$50 and the shipping cost is already US$20. I don't know how many sets there are in total but judging from this box, there is a Set H which implies there may be 8 sets in all.

Mine is Set F. It was a tough choice between E and F for my case.

The bad news is that for this particular series, you have to stick the drinks labels yourself. The photo below shows one of the many sheets of stickers. Love it or hate it.

Here are the "blank" bottles, cans and drink cartons. Can't wait to get started and see the final result. These look like 1:6 scale and those living in Asia would be more familiar with the drinks, such as Vitasoy, Minute Maid, Oolong Tea...

Told you I can't wait to get started. I've already started labelling some of the plastic bottles. Will keep you posted of the progress!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Making blueberry pancakes

I love it when there is nobody at home. Silence of the night. Inner peace they call it (I feel like Po in Kungfu Panda). Tonight is one of the rare nights I have time all to myself. So no matter how tired I am, I must finish this post.

Did you know I have something for prep boards too? I love how all the tiny items come together on a board. Occasionally I need my 'prep board fix'. Here is the most recent one that took me several weeks to complete (not that I'm slow but I seldom have free time with a toddler to look after) - a blueberry pancakes prep board!

Oh yah, I love pancakes too. I also love making miniature pancake/waffle stacks. I seem to love everything don't I? No wonder I'm called "i love little things". I'm getting crappy. My dear bed, here I come!

Available at my Etsy store.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Quarter Scale Cheesecakes

One of my lovely customers asked if I could make quarter scale cheesecakes and I immediately fell in love with the idea. While most of my fellow miniaturists in Singapore are indulging in 1:6, 1:4 and even 1:3 scale items, I went the opposite and did 1:48 scale. Maybe quarter scale items are out of fashion? Doesn't matter to me. I had so much fun making these tiny cheesecakes.

So there you go. A teeny weeny strawberry cheesecake posed with my husband's finger. My finger is too wrinkled to be pictured. *LOL* The cake measures only 1/4" inch across. No molds or cutters were used (erm... is penknife considered a cutter?). If you click on the pic, you can (hopefully) see the dots in the strawberries.

I like the blueberry cheesecake better, but the strawberry one seems more popular on my Etsy and Flickr.

I think there will be more quarter scale cakes to come! Maybe not cheesecakes but the sweeter flowery types of cakes. Meanwhile I'm working on a 1:12 prep board which suddenly looks gigantic to me now!

PS: Jennifer from plushpussycat - congratulations! You've won a surprise gift as mentioned in my previous entry. I'll contact you at your email shortly.