Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More bread

Still on bread.. but I promise this shall be the last post on bread in a long while ^_^

I'm getting more anti-social these days. I hate it when friends, who haven't kept in touch for a long time, abruptly send me one-sentence sms like "What is the sex of the baby?". There's another friend who sent me a link to take an IQ test at 12 midnight. His point? He wanted to show that my IQ is lower than his. In fact, he said he was very sure that my score would be lower. (ok, if you are so sure, why send me the link in the first place?)

Oops! Sorry about the whining. Let me get back to the main topic and allow me to share these photos of bread with olive oil & vinegar. (Available at Etsy)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bread et Butter & a dose of thankfulness

I'm into bread recently. I had bread with peanut butter & jam in my previous post. Let's have something more basic - bread & butter.

Something basic... don't we all sometimes take basic things for granted?

I'm very thankful recently. To a few people. It's not that I take them for granted but I appreciate them even more these days.

So, please allow me to use this blog entry to say thank you to
  1. My hubby - for every little thing that you do for me & little Crystal.
  2. My mom & dad - for taking care of the home renovations, getting all the baby stuff, and cleaning up my dirty house.

No miniature talk in this entry... I'll let the photos do the talking ^_^