Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I collect miniatures too!

I'm a happy and lucky gal. Although I wish to be a full time miniaturist, it cannot fill my stomach in the country I live in. So I hold a full time job and one of the perks is that it allows me to splurge a bit on miniatures made by other artisans. I intend to slowly showcase my collection... since I'm kinda hooked on macro photoshoots too.

The blackforest and chocolate fudge cakes are from amcfern. Seach for this seller on ebay if you are interested. The best thing about this seller is that all her miniatures are reasonably priced. Warning - it can be very hard to win a bid!

These cute Pocky boxes are from Snowfern. They are personal gifts. We chatted quite a bit over emails, flickr, blog etc. She's such a sweet lady. How sweet? She gave me the large doiley in the photo (she must have known I needed it for my photos), plus two smaller paper placemats, plus a pack of goldfish crackers! Awwww...

The lovely chocolate boxes are from mini_menu (ebay). Mini_menu is one of my top-rated miniaturists. I'm always impressed by the fine workmanship and exquisite details. The miniatures are in the range of 20 odd pounds but they are absolutely worth every cent.

Hope you enjoyed the photos. ^_^

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Making fruit tarts

I had initially intended to make a plate of fruit tarts, but the more I looked at the biscuit bases, the more I grew in love with them. I just couldn't bear to cover up the cute little holes so in the end I left two of them "working in progress".

This piece is therefore an accident but sometimes, the outcome is even better than the original idea. Hope this colourful prep board brightens up your day. Available at my Etsy store.

By the way, I bought a miniature cake and it turned moldy!!! Can anyone tell me why? I have been keeping it for a year under dry and cool condition. I never knew completed pieces can turn moldy. And imagine if it had cost me US$50 :( It looked so disgusting that I threw it away but if any of you can teach me how to deal with the mold, I'll know what to do next time. Thank u!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Sushi Tray

I'm clearing my backlog. I've just cleared my backlog at work, now I'm clearing my backlog for my blog. This sushi set was created some time ago and I only feature it now!

It has been a hectic month in December and before I know it, I will be busy again from Feb-Apr. I'm pretty lazy these days... sleeping and stoning take up most of my time. I'm also rather hooked to the 'Mini Cafe' game on Facebook. It's fun running my own cafe without coming up with real money, hiring my friends on FB as employees without having to pay them wages, and cooking fantastic dishes like "crackling peking duck" when I can't cook in real life. :P

Thanks to everyone who dropped by to wish me Happy New Year. To show I'm serious about my new year resolutions, here is an annual planner hung on my study room door. I'm sharing this with my husband and the first thing he marked wasn't my birthday or anniversary but Chinese New Year - something which I dread! Grrrr.....