Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to me

It's my birthday and hubby is out of town. So I decided to go to a quiet restaurant and have a special meal to celebrate my birthday. Nope, I don't feel lonely at all! In fact, I feel very happy today as I think about all the good things that happened to me in the past year.

I ordered this set lunch - carbonara pasta, spicy tomato soup, salad and cake of the day. I was so hungry I took a mouthful of pasta before I remembered I had to take a photo. Please don't leave comments saying how nice these miniatures are. These are REAL food and very yummy too! However, I never like tiramisu cake so I only took a few bites of the cake.

Happy Birthday to me! ^_^

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


What a boring blog title I know. Language is not my forte. And at 1am in the morning, my brain is falling asleep.

Anyway, just a quick post with some new photos. These croissants are made with Hearty air dry clay. I wanted to mention that because I used to make croissants out of Grace clay. I get all excited when I try new techniques and materials.

I wanted to write about the bananas but I think I'll leave them for another post cos I have plenty of banana photos to share.

And since I made so many croissants, I turned one of them into a necklace for food jewelry lovers. Perfect for the croissant addict! (Not me, I'm a fan of pain au chocolat. ^_^)

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