Thursday, May 28, 2009

Flaky Banana Pastry

I don't know what you call this.. but it's a kind of flaky pastry. Inspired by a Japanese craft book, this is quite a challenge as the flaky texture is hard to simulate. Hence I only did one piece (it's sold but I welcome custom order). Hope you enjoy looking at it!

PS: I'm off for a short holiday! Stress from work has caused my eye to twitch non-stop for the past week but the twitching has miraculously disappeared today.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Some biscuits & marshmallows

When I was busy with my exams, I was also busy blogging and watching Korean drama (20 episodes in 3 days). However, now that exams are over, I didn't accomplish much (2 episodes in 30 days). Don't ask me where all my time went! I do enjoy moments like daydreaming on my train ride to work instead of reading my notes. ^_^

I had a coke bottles giveaway and will be contacting the winner very soon. I would like to give a very warm welcome to new followers on my blog and thank those who comment on my Flickr photos. I feel really happy when you like my miniature food!

I practiced making a box and the first photo shows work-in-progress. I'm beginning to love such work-in-progress pictures and may do a tutorial soon.

The smaller biscuits ended up as vanilla cream sandwiched biscuits in a pink box while the bigger ones ended up as fruit tartlets.

And I learnt how to make MARSHMALLOWS! It is not difficult actually. I enjoyed twisting the clay. Twist it tighter and you can make lollipops.

~Have a great weekend!~

Friday, May 15, 2009

Free Mini Coke Bottles for you!

Hi everyone!

There is this extra coke bottles collection set that I would like to give away! This is part of the Singapore's 7-11 convenience store miniature series set and is no longer available for sale. They are made of high quality plastic and the tallest is about 1.25" in height. Oooooppss.. looks like I am describing some item for sale!

All my current followers on the blog would have one chance of winning this.
To participate, you can either:
1) Follow my blog OR
2) Heart my Etsy shop (and let me have your username)


I don't know if these little bottles are attractive enough for a good response. Let's have a go anyway! The deadline is 23 May (next Saturday). Good luck!

And I finally done up a banner for my Etsy shop. This thing is just so difficult to do! You can see how small they limit the upload size 760 x 100 pixels.. lol


Friday, May 8, 2009

Donuts n upcoming freebie

I had wanted to work part time so that I can have more personal time and slow down my pace of life. I'm tired of the ratrace but on the other hand, I love the money from the ratrace. Anyway, few companies are willing to hire on a part-time basis unless there is a very good reason. Is wanting more personal time a good reason? 0_0

I've not had much time to make new items... here are some new donuts made from some leftover clay. I also made some marshmallows which I will feature in my next post. I would also be having a giveaway soon so do look out for it!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kawaii Ice Cream

Here is a Japanese ice cream with fresh mangoes and tri-coloured mochi balls (I don't know the actual name) that you see in many Japanese desserts. The vanilla swirl is shaped using an eyebrow tweezer. It would be easier if I had a piping tool! Is this dessert popular in your country or have you not seen it before?

And a couple of other stuff I added to my Etsy shop...