Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Gummy Bears and Rainbow Cake

Hmmm... I don't know why the uploaded photos here look so dim while the originals look so much brighter. Any of you had the same problem with blogger?

I made a gummy bear necklace as I recently fell in love with glass globe jewelry. I think glass globes look so beautiful. You can put anything inside... macarons, cookies, candies ... What would you put inside?

I also made a pastel rainbow cake. I wish the photos would show up brighter to accentuate the colors of the cake! It looks kinda dull here. Sigh! I can never understand how blogger or other social media work sometimes. Sign of getting old perhaps. Maybe after I click the "Publish" button, the photos would miraculously become brighter? #hoping #clickingnow

I finally figured out. It was due to a new feature called "Auto Enhance". I think my originals are better than the enhanced ones! So I reverted to the originals. It's a cumbersome process and I couldn't do it for all my previous posts. If any of you know how to automatically turn this feature off for future uploads, please let me know!