Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stack O Pancakes

I was quite free this weekend, so plenty of photos! Do you remember those round flat clay in my previous post? They have been transformed to a stack of pancakes ---> see below. Yes, I'm super inefficient cos I only made ONE stack.

Work in progress picture... I am showing this pic just because I love the shades of golden brown.

Then I prepared another breakfast set with some croissants I made earlier. As usual, only ONE set available for now. I'm running out of the bread tongs. And I don't feel like getting new supplies cos the shipping fee from the ebay seller is exhorbitant. I wish sellers don't try to make a profit out of the shipping fee.

I had wanted to take more photos but my 4 rechargeable batteries were all flat. See my efficiency? Yet, I'm extremely happy with myself for 7 pics + all the photo editing work + two new listings + updating of my Flickr album.
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The waffle maker

First of all, thank you for all the congratulatory messages. I did not know how I survived that awful first three months but I am certainly back in action, although quite slowly... I get tired easily.

Having taken such a long break, I decided to try something easy, especially since my attempt at cheesecake failed last week.

How difficult can the waffle mold be? I was WRONG. Don't ask me why. Vaseline and baby powder didn't help much. Press too hard and the clay sticks to the waffle maker. And it is sooooo difficult to remove the clay with the pattern intact. Air Dry Clay is really very soft. I tried leaving it there until the clay hardens but the base turned greenish (i think it reacted with the black paint of the waffle maker). Fortunately, it gets better with practice but I recommend using those flexible pop-out mold available at Etsy miniature supplies stores.

To be continued... I need some sleep now. ^_^

Oh yes, if anyone can recommend me a brand of air dry clay that you feel is good, I'll be very grateful.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some good news

I mentioned I had some good news didn't I?

Ok.. here goes.. I'm going to be a mum! Frankly, I still feel like I'm a kid and just cannot imagine being someone else's mum. Some days I imagine my kid ransacking, messing up, and worse, swallowing my miniatures. Gasp!

I spent the whole of today packing and reorganising. I've made some plans for my miniature business but my stuff are everywhere. So I organised everything in shoeboxes according to:
  • For sale
  • Materials (clay, paint, glue, molds...)
  • ReMent + other personal collection (Gosh! those mentos sweets in the rement boxes have turned into liquid!)
  • Tableware and accessories
  • Stationery/boxes/envelopes for postage
I also cleared away lots of other stuff to make way for the baby room. Tada! My things are now 80% neater. I'm very tired now but I feel so organised. I'll work on my Etsy shop very soon!!!