Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tea time pastries

Hi everyone!
I've been missing for quite a while. I was terribly busy and survived on 4 hours of sleep for the last two weeks of March. I must be getting old because it takes forever to catch up on those lost sleep. I'm still in a "take a break" mood but I'm slowly starting to craft again. ^_^

Just wanted to share some photos of a 1:24 scale commission work that I had. My customer wanted a range of her favourite pastries. Can you identify which is which?

The Saint Honores (those on the right of the cheesecakes) were the hardest to make. I can manage 1:12 scale quite well but 1:24 is really small for Saint Honores as they hold too much details. You need space for the whipped cream, the raspberries and the rose petal and the entire piece is just 0.5cm wide. Fortunately I only had to make two of them. I couldn't manage more!

The photo above shows 1:12 macarons (left) versus 1:24 macarons. Don't the 1:12 macarons look like giant now? The tiny tea cup and saucer are made by Shari from MiniatureMakerSupply. The lovely teapot was bought from Ebay.

This is the complete set for your viewing pleasure. Have a good day! Happy Easter! :)