Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Exams are over!

I simply enjoy the first few days after exams. Just do nothing!

I know mini potato chip cans are not-so-new idea (I think Re-ment has one) but I love trying out printables. So here is a can of Pringles! I added some chips on my own. Nothing fanciful ... simple things can make me happy. Hopefully I can work on some miniatures this weekend. Cheers!


And I start selling miniature supplies! If response is good, I may add more variety.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sweet Cookies

I'm studying for my exam which is only a few days away. It takes forever to qualify as an actuary. And when you qualify, some people ask "What's that? What's actuary?" In short, actuaries manage risk and analyse numbers. Well, I'm still trying to manage the slower-than-expected sales on Etsy recently!

When I am not looking at numbers, I use the other side of my brain to make mini food! Presenting some little cookies on a silver tray...

And here is an earlier shot which I didn't manage to put up.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Miniature Sliced Cakes II

Woohoo! I reorganized my Flickr album - to view, click on the link on the upper left corner of this page. This makes it easier to view all my photos on miniatures. I'm not exactly a website savvy person but I must learn to link those photos in my blog. Let's wait till the exams are over!

Another thing I want to improve is probably my photography skills. Frankly, I only use the macro function to capture all my miniature shots. I do admire those who take great photographs. However, one of my friends suggested that photos shouldn't be too nice as buyers may be disappointed when the actual product doesn't look as great as the photo. The photo should just show what the miniature looks like in real life. Any thoughts?

Here are some mini sliced cakes. I took these photos at 2am before going to bed. Good or bad lighting? I really can't tell. But I can tell you I love these little cakes!

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Friday, April 10, 2009


I'm suffering from withdrawal symptoms. I forbidded myself from making any new miniatures this month in order to concentrate on my exams. It's just sooooo hard... but I have to hang on! Nonetheless, I still surf the net a lot looking for inspiration and admiring other miniaturists' work. I also bought 2 craft books and if they arrive, I know I will be flipping through them instead of my study notes. :P

Meanwhile I hope you enjoy the platter of miniature sushi in 1:12 scale. I'm not sure what kinds of sushi are sold overseas but I love making the crabsticks and salmon eggs. I specially bought black paint for the seaweed! Now I got to think of other uses of black paint ^_^

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Macaroons Attack!

Yes... taking a break from my studies so here I am.

My husband just came back from Paris and guess what he brought back - French Macaroons! Oh I am sooooo excited. I had mentioned to him that I love looking at macaroons and making them as miniatures but I have never tasted them before. How lucky of me to sink my first bite into these - airflown from France!!! They really taste very very very very good!! I love the chocolate and strawberry. Ok I'm hooked! I hope the ones they sell in Singapore taste as good as these.

The photo below shows the life-sized macaroons and the miniature version.

Close-up of mini version in almost the same colours. Where's the pink though?

And in pastel shades! (Macaroons from France seem to be darker in colour than the ones sold here ^_^)

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fruit waffles

Exhausted from work and exams are just around the corner. Feeling nervous oredi! I'll take a break tonight (hence posting on my blog) and start working hard tomorrow!

This is the second waffles preparation board I've made but this time there are lots of different fruits. In real life, I like waffles with vanilla ice cream and nothing else - I'm such a plain and simple, and some say boring person... :D

Some new miniatures in the pipeline.. cakes, sushi and more desserts... do come back for more! Have a very good April!