Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Banana Split Prep Board

As I'm typing this post, I'm wondering whether things would have turned out differently if I had chosen polymer clay as my main medium.You see, air dry clay (ADC) is difficult to work with in my opinion. It dries up before you can do any serious sculpting (think Hearty clay). It does an excellent job at cakes and bread but I find it hard to sculpt vegetables and meat without the clay cracking. Grace clay is softer and doesn't dry so quickly but I wish it didn't have the elastic nature - if you make a dent using a toothpick, the dent becomes less obvious when it dries as it "bounces" back to shape. 

Nonetheless, ADC has become the heart and soul of I.Love.Little.Things. I can't imagine making friends with Fimo now. It's the same in life isn't it? I also wonder what would become of me if I had studied psychology instead of actuarial science. How about you? Do you often look back in life and wonder what would happen if you had chosen a different path? 

Okay... enough of my random talk. 

Recently, I made a banana split preparation board. The most difficult to make were the red cherries. I wanted to replace them with some other toppings but when I googled for banana split images, almost every banana split out there comes with cherries. Why so? 

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