Sunday, August 24, 2014

Banana Split Prep Board

Hello everyone!
How is weekend? Are you having a good rest?

I'm feeling exhausted and a little depressed so I won't talk too much here. Hope you enjoy this mini set of banana split in the making. Thank you all for dropping by and a bigger thank you to the usual people who always leave me kind and encouraging comments. I don't always say it but I really appreciate them!

I didn't forget about the giveaway to celebrate my 500th sale on Etsy but my table is in a mess and I need to get organised. Please be patient with me... :D

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Pink Ombre Cake and Ice Cream

Sorry for the delay in announcing the winner of the polymer canes giveaway. My laptop died on me!!! I took several days to look for a repair solution and in the end had to settle for a new one. Anyway, thank you for the overwhelming response! Now I know you are excited to find out if you are the winner but how about having some cakes and ice cream first?

As for the giveaway... did you guess correctly? Many of you guess No. 3 whom I agree is kinda cute but she is my neighbor. I am actually the grouchy No. 2 fiddling with the hands. There are two persons who got it right but I would like to award Drora's minimundo because she cited "the one busy with her hands". She totally nailed it! Arantxa wins a consolation prize. Could both of you please email me your name and address? My email is 

Thank you to all who participated. I'm so happy to reach 500 sales on Etsy so I will be having another giveaway. Do keep a lookout!