Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chocolate + Banana + Ice Cream + Waffles + Husband

I told myself I have to update my blog tonight. No matter how tired.

Looks like I can only do one miniature project a month. It took me 1 week to make the waffle stack, 1 week to do the bananas, 1 week to make the ice cream bowl and scoop, and 1 week to make the waffles on the plate and the chocolate...

My husband played a great part in this project too. When he saw the bowl of vanilla ice cream, he went "Ooooohh... this looks so real. This bowl of flour mixture is just waiting for the egg to be beaten into it." I think he can't get his mind off my prep boards with broken eggs. But hey, I still think my ice cream looks real. It has the texture that ice cream should have, just that it is in a bowl and not a tub. Can't we have homemade ice cream?

At first my banana and ice cream are lying on the chocolate sauce (no drizzle or sprinkles). He went "This is not realistic. You must have chocolate drizzled all over the ice cream and banana." At this point I got quite irritated but he is right this time. So there you go - the realistically messy banana chocolate waffle.

How do you like the end result? I'm happy. ^_^ And I'm happy with my husband too (other than the bowl of flour). LOL.

Going to be made available at my Etsy shop. Have a great week ahead!