Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pooh Bear cookie tins

Oh my! Oh dear! No post for March? This is terrible. I don't know why work keeps piling up. Why do people work so hard as if work is the only thing they have in life? I've had emails coming in at midnight! I don't mean emails from my Etsy shop. I mean corporate work whereby people are supposed to work from 9-6. 

Now that work has slowed down a little, maybe I should clear some backlog of my photos first. I've made a few (yes, a few... progress is slow because it is always interrupted by work) new items but have not photographed them yet. Here are a couple of Pooh bear themed food tins I made a while back.

The tin of macarons is sold and hopefully, someone would adopt the cookie tin. Now I must go check if there are any more backlog and update my Flickr, Deviantart, Facebook ... hey, why are there so many social media? I don't even have Instagram! I don't know how to set up an account! LOL. My Flickr traffic is quite dead now... wonder if anyone use Flickr anymore? I'm thinking of terminating the pro account there and switch to Instagram. 

I need to look into these when I am free. When will that day come??? Hate corporate work. Hate corporate work. Hate corporate work. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Chocolate Fondue 2014

I think miniature chocolate fondue has become one of my specialties. I made many different versions before and I really enjoy putting the various toppings together. The end product is so colorful it brightens up my mood. Most of my customers love the ice cream balls. Can you spot them here?

I made everything from scratch except the ceramic bowl and plate. I think strawberries are the hardest thing to do in miniature. 

What is your favorite thing here? I'm craving for some fresh fruits now... in the middle of the night.

And hey... I hit 200 Likes on Facebook. To me, it is an achievement. Thank you for the support!