Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nutella toasts and the two toasters

Just to share some photos of my Nutella toasts with a toaster. The toaster is a miniature supply and is made of metal. The levers actually work but you've got to be really gentle with them. These are limited edition. I made two sets as I only bought two toasters (I'm such a miser when it comes to buying miniature supplies!). 

Someone on deviantART commented that the giant finger looks so realistic. LOL. I never thought of it this way - model a giant finger out of clay and take a photo of it using real food to show the scale. How creative!

I just had to stack up those toasts. I love stacks of pancakes, waffles, crepes, toasts ... the brown shades just look so nice together.

New items available at my Etsy store. Do pop by to take a look! ^_^

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pancakes again ... and Heart-o-meter

Yes... I seem to enjoy making pancakes in miniature. If you don't believe me, try typing "pancakes" in the "Search This Blog" function at the right. So here is another pancake stack, except that it is decorated with orange slices and a strawberry this time. 

Recently I made an unusual miniature - 3 gingerbread men taking a milk bath in a tea cup. It may not be Christmas yet but hey, these guys can't wait. See how happy they look! 

Below is the heart-o-matic statistics on my Etsy shop. I've been on Etsy for almost 4 years now. I'm not a regular seller as I only create miniatures in my free time. Hence I'm very proud to have 700 shop hearts, which means that 700 people like my shop! Thanks to those who heart my shop even though I do not often have new listings. Not forgetting my dearest customers who have contributed to the items sold. Your support means so much to me. 

Have a great week ahead everyone! 

Friday, July 6, 2012

6 scoop ice cream cone

Can you finish this if it was real? 6 scoops of ice cream on a cone. Quick, you have to finish before it melts!

This 1:12 scale miniature version is melt-free and I'm loving it! My favourite is the chocolate mint flavour. Now I am screaming for some ice cream. :D

A couple of cones are made into necklaces for food jewelry lovers.

Available now at my Etsy store.