Monday, July 22, 2013

Smiley potatoes and baked beans

Are you a baked beans lover?

If you are, don't you agree that they go well with almost anything? Baked beans with toasts, with eggs, with potatoes ... I can even have them with rice. 

How about some baked beans with smiley potatoes? Unfortunately, smiley potatoes are not so common in restaurants over here but we can always buy the frozen packs and fry them at home.

Are there any improvements in my smiley potaotes?



I don't know which version you prefer but I feel like laughing now when I see the old version.

Oh... and here is the complete preparation board. Fried eggs, broken eggs, raw egg in bowl... you name the egg, I have it .. LOL

Available at my Etsy shop. Have a great smiley week everyone!

PS: Thanks for all your replies on my previous entry. Now I know there are people who still read blogs after all! 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ritz crackers

Am I the only one who feels that nobody reads blogs anymore? While traffic at my Facebook has gone up, it seems that traffic here has gone down. I'm partly to blame for my infrequent update. Nevertheless, I do wonder if blogs will become a thing of the past.

Flickr is not doing too well either. Is everyone turning to Instagram? I'm really behind time. In fact, I set up my Facebook only half a year ago. I must be getting old ... finding it quite hard to keep up with trend and technology. *LOL*

Anyway, a quick post on some Ritz crackers. It's 2 am! Being a stay-home-mum with a young toddler who wakes at 7 am and sleeps at 12 midnight is really not easy.

Hope you like these mini Ritz crackers. Hand model: my husband. He's going to charge me 50 cents per photo soon because he says I keep making use of his hands. :D 

Off to bed! Happy Fourth of July to my blog friends in the US (just realized my first photo is red and blue)!