Friday, January 14, 2011

Some macaroon tins

It's 2011! I've yet to wish everyone a happy new year. Neither have I made big plans for this year as I'm very busy with my baby. I just hope she grows up healthily and I wish for good health for my family and all of you who are reading my blog.

I just realised my blog is about 2.5 years old and I only had 30 posts last year. That's too lazy!!! Ok, I shall strive to improve for 2011... I don't mind posting more often, if you don't mind reading about my life other than looking at my miniatures. Sometimes, I can't decide whether this should be a commercial blog or a blog sharing my life and crafting journey. I guess I like to whine to you once in a while :P

Let me start the year with some macaroon tins. The graphics on the tin are actually meant for making scrabble tile pendants. I love scrabble tile pendants too. I collected a few and even contemplated making them for sale but nah, there are just too many scrabble tile pendant sellers on etsy. So I used them to make a couple of macaroon tin boxes. The top one is currently available at my etsy shop.

Ok, baby is calling... I knew I wouldn't be able to write much. Meanwhile, have a GREAT 2011 everyone! May all your new year resolutions come true!

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