Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gingerbread men attack!

Warning. Lots of gingerbread men ahead.

Another gingerbread men preparation board but something different from the one I made last Christmas.

I don't even eat gingerbread in real life but I really enjoy making miniature versions of them. Perhaps I like their happy faces too much. It makes me happy too.

Very very tiny M & M candies (or chocolates?)...

Told you there were lots of gingerbread men.

Here is a tin of gingerbread men biscotti. I deliberately made them in a lighter shade of brown as it shows off their happy faces better. And personally, I like them unfrosted.

If you like these gingerbread men, they are all available at my Etsy store. There are many new items as well, including some food jewelry. So do pop by and take a look!