Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Cookies ... Part 1

Hmmm... whatever went wrong?  Both Francesca and Mi mundo de miniatura did not come forward to collect their giveaway prizes. 

Could both of you email to Whoever respond first shall get the prize and the other will get a miniature cutlery set (please refer to my previous post for the pictures). If I still don't hear from you until I put up my next post, I will pick a random winner from all who had participated.    

It's about one week to Christmas. Are you looking forward to it? Meanwhile, enjoy a plate of Christmas cookies! 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Gingerbread men and hot chocolate

I love December because my favorite season is coming. Just 24 days to Christmas. Due to some special circumstances, I've not stepped out of my house to celebrate Christmas for almost 4 years. However, I do celebrate in my heart. Maybe I will order a Christmas feast delivery this year. I checked out Cold Storage and there are Boston lobsters, fresh oysters and roast turkey. *feeling hungry already*

I'm grateful for the unexpected good sales this Christmas season. And through this process, I got to know a few customers and had some interesting conversations with them. I realized even more strongly that handmade and custom orders aren't just about the product. It's mostly about love for the person receiving the handmade item. I've had a husband requesting a special order for his wife and a very nice mummy requesting a jewelry that matches her daughter's birthday party theme. It gives me immense satisfaction creating an unique item that fits the special occasion. Thanks for giving me the chance to work with you.

Oh oh... I didn't forget about the giveaway result. First of all, big thanks to those who participated! *hugz* The correct number is 17 and there is a tie between Francesca and Mi mundo de miniatura. I wanted to do a random draw but it seems weird as there are only two of you. How about this? Can both of you email me at and guess the month of my birthday? The closer answer wins the hot dog set (I've included another 2 mini cheeseburgers - see picture here). And the other wins a miniature cutlery set - see picture here .  

More Christmas-related posts to come in the next few weeks... do look out for them.