Sunday, September 20, 2009

Burger Mood

I'm craving for some cheeseburgers. A burger at Carls Junior costs about US$7, a cheeseburger at MacDonalds costs about US$1.50, a burger at my Etsy Shop costs only US$1! (Listing will be available shortly)

I apologize for not being active this month. I haven't replied much on my blog and Flickr, or had time to send my regards to Snowfern who hurt her hand (Cindy, i hope you read this!). I need to concentrate on my exam but I will be back in mid-October to prepare for the Christmas season. My favourite time of the year!

Still on burgers... this time a fast food set with fries and a mini fried chicken.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Miniature Cup Noodles

I am back from Hong Kong! When people in Asia think of Hong Kong, they normally think of shopping and dining and shopping and dining... but alas! I didn't manage to buy any clothing! Branded goods aside, I think the fashion has somehow changed and I don't have money for branded. ^_^

Poor me! Nevertheless, there is a very small consolation... two instant cup noodles miniatures. These are not that mini but look rather realistic. Hope you like them! (Hmm.. I should have bought that bowl of green bean soup too :(