Thursday, August 6, 2015

Neapolitan Ice Cream, Coke Float and Chocolate Cake

Sorry about my rather long absence. I combined what is meant to be 3 posts into 1, which explains the haphazard title. Sometimes you need certain mood to pen down something. Life has been (very) hard on me. It's almost suffocating. Sometimes I find myself crying in the middle of the night. I have tried to be optimistic. I have tried not to think about it. I have tried to accept and move on. But somehow it is easier said than done. 

Keep smiling and one day life will get tired of upsetting you.

I hope. 

May these pictures bring a smile on your face. These are some little things that keep me smiling. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Blueberry Pancakes and Cheesecake

Just a quick update. I've shifted to my new house and finished unpacking. A few days ago, I just took out all my clay and oil colors and now I'm motivated to work on miniatures again. I didn't do anything for a looooooong time. I felt so lazy and overwhelmed by all the shifting and unpacking. 

I've not been active at all on my Etsy shop. It's hard to find my shop now with so many shops selling miniature food charms and jewelry. So nowadays I just concentrate on dollhouse miniature food scenes, something which I enjoy doing. Hope you like these blueberry-themed items. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Laughing Cow Cheese and Strawberry Jam Toast

Sorry for not updating the blog since end of January! Work has taken up much of my time and I was also busy looking for a new place to stay. It's been confirmed that we will be moving house this coming June. Although I'm rather worried of some of the personal challenges that lie ahead, I'm feeling excited about a fresh start. It's like a new lease of life and I will pray hard that everything will turn out well. I don't want to think about packing yet because that will be the start of another headache. 

Maybe it's a good chance to reorganize my miniatures:
  • stock for my Etsy shop
  • my endless craft tools and supplies 
  • miniatures bought from others in the early years 
  • my Megahouse and Rement collection
  • and more recently, Sylvanian family! (You won't believe it but I didn't even have time to open the box and I can't remember by now which set I got except that it must be food related, like a supermarket or ice cream cart. They've got really cute stuff.)

Thanks for taking time to read about my life. And now, some photos of my recent creation.

Tiny laughing cow cheese triangles

Miniature Toasts with Strawberry Jam and Butter

 Hope you like them!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Baking funfetti cupcakes

What a year to begin with! My little girl is down with stomach flu and has not eaten anything for the past 8 days. Everyone at home is so worried. I pray she'll start eating very soon. 

Here is a miniature funfetti cupcakes baking set. Or do you call them confetti cupcakes? Those of you who have followed me for some time would know that I truly enjoy doing dollhouse miniature preparation scenes, especially baking ones. I love making cakes, cupcakes, macarons, cookies and almost anything sweet. Hope you like this one as much as I do.

Could Hannah from Hannahsminiatyrer and Yolanda please give me your mailing address at ? 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas cookies and Happy 2015

Sorry for posting this only now but since there are 12 days of Christmas, I guess I'm still in time.    

Here's wishing each and everyone a very Happy 2015!!! Have a blessed year filled with lots of laughter and love. Do you have a New Year resolution? I have the same resolution every year - to take a break from work and just enjoy life for a year, maybe two, better still if forever. :DDDDD When will my dream come true?

I still have not heard from the winners of the giveaway so I picked 2 other winners. Could Hannah and Yolanda please drop me a mail at