Sunday, September 20, 2009

Burger Mood

I'm craving for some cheeseburgers. A burger at Carls Junior costs about US$7, a cheeseburger at MacDonalds costs about US$1.50, a burger at my Etsy Shop costs only US$1! (Listing will be available shortly)

I apologize for not being active this month. I haven't replied much on my blog and Flickr, or had time to send my regards to Snowfern who hurt her hand (Cindy, i hope you read this!). I need to concentrate on my exam but I will be back in mid-October to prepare for the Christmas season. My favourite time of the year!

Still on burgers... this time a fast food set with fries and a mini fried chicken.



Maria Jose said...

Are perfect,very realistics !!!

Snowfern said...

hee hee thanks for the best wishes, yes my hand is much better, and of course i'm reading this ^ ^ i'm a fan of your work!

good luck for your exams too, gosh, time sure flies doesn't it :O

btw, your burgers are so cute > < now i'm craving burgers -_-"

Sajonara said...