Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bread et Butter & a dose of thankfulness

I'm into bread recently. I had bread with peanut butter & jam in my previous post. Let's have something more basic - bread & butter.

Something basic... don't we all sometimes take basic things for granted?

I'm very thankful recently. To a few people. It's not that I take them for granted but I appreciate them even more these days.

So, please allow me to use this blog entry to say thank you to
  1. My hubby - for every little thing that you do for me & little Crystal.
  2. My mom & dad - for taking care of the home renovations, getting all the baby stuff, and cleaning up my dirty house.

No miniature talk in this entry... I'll let the photos do the talking ^_^


Knotty By Nature said...

Great job on the toast and butter! Don't know how you got the texture, but it's perfect.

Clara said...

A veces lo básico es lo mejor y lo más necesario :)
Este pan con mantequilla está perfecto y por lo que veo tu entorno tambien. Me alegro.
Besos Clara


The family support is important in both good and bad moments. I'm happy for you that you have this wonderful family. The bread and butter is spectacular! congratulations. A kiss.

Mozzypop Jewels said...

Oh they are stunning! You are very talented, glad I stumbled upon your blog :)

MJ x
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