Tuesday, January 13, 2009

MIniature Burger Preparation

I just purchased a Puki Pong Pong (see previous post) and can't wait for it to come! My house is in a total mess... many miniature projects waiting to start, miniature collections all over the place, study notes lying on the sofa... really hope to clear up the stuff before Pong Pong arrives. Hmmm, I should think of a proper name for Pong Pong.

January will be a busy month, especially with Chinese New Year just round the corner. Nevertheless, we still need to eat. So do our dolls! Ok.. for those who don't collect dolls, I'm sure you would want some miniature food! ^_^

I created this burger preparatory scene. Fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber slices and cheese served on delicious soft buns. I love the meat platter - I developed a new technique to get this texture but it is taking a longer time to dry. When it is done, it will be available at www.ilovelittlethings.etsy.com, selling for US$25 including shipping. Very reasonable if you check out other prep boards on Etsy/Ebay!

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