Friday, May 15, 2009

Free Mini Coke Bottles for you!

Hi everyone!

There is this extra coke bottles collection set that I would like to give away! This is part of the Singapore's 7-11 convenience store miniature series set and is no longer available for sale. They are made of high quality plastic and the tallest is about 1.25" in height. Oooooppss.. looks like I am describing some item for sale!

All my current followers on the blog would have one chance of winning this.
To participate, you can either:
1) Follow my blog OR
2) Heart my Etsy shop (and let me have your username)


I don't know if these little bottles are attractive enough for a good response. Let's have a go anyway! The deadline is 23 May (next Saturday). Good luck!

And I finally done up a banner for my Etsy shop. This thing is just so difficult to do! You can see how small they limit the upload size 760 x 100 pixels.. lol



Saana said...

Hey! I,m new reader! You have so many wonderful things in your blog!

Mellz said...

i'm in!

Dracenea said...

I just came across your blog tonight and I love little things too! I've become a follower so I have an entry in with 30 minutes left until the 23rd. Finding your blog just may be my lucky day! said...

Awesome! I found you by looking up mini's as I am a collector of them as well!

Add me in please!