Saturday, June 20, 2009

Playboy for my dad

A cheeky gift for my father... the magazine is from ebay. I love the Playboy - you can even flip open and see the content page but that's it folks! No other suggestive photos! I have since filled the cup with Milo and made stains on the rims. This is a typical scene of my father during his tea time... ok he doesn't read Playboy at home but I guess he wouldn't mind reading one!

Today is SIMP in Paris... I don't exactly know what it stands for but it is a miniatures fair. I feel so excited for Stephanie (PetitPlat) who is taking part in it. Wish there is one in Singapore too!



moti said...

Hi, so original!!!!!, never seen it before, gorgeous!!!!!
thank you for sharing!!!!!


madge1967 said...

Ok, This is just too cute. I let my friend look at this and he said, "OH MAN"! THIS ISN'T BIG ENOUGH FOR ME!!!

madge1967 said...

I just wanted to let you know that my Birthday is in December, penty of time to fix mne up with "Play Girl"!

fairchildart said...

I love it!! :) I bet he will be very pleased ^_^

Jocelyn Teo said...

Hi! :) You're from Singapore too, yay! :) Yep i so wish there was a mini fair here too, :(. Anyway, i think that slice of yellow cake/cheesecake is just too real! i love it! :) and what a cute idea to make Playboy minis! awww. :) brilliant!