Thursday, November 5, 2009

Duck Cookies

I bought a ducky paper puncher many many months ago but have not got the chance to use it. Since I have a little more time now, I managed to make some duck cookies!

Problem with paper punchers is that unless you can dismantle the cutter, you need to use air dry clay and wait for it to dry before you can punch. The layer of clay has to be quite thin. You also need to find a puncher that has a cute shape (hearts and stars are too common) that is small enough for 1:12 scale.

My husband does not appreciate miniatures. Neither can he appreciate why I spend so much time on miniatures. However, he had lots of fun punching out the yellow pieces! I hope you have fun looking at these photos too. Have a good weekend ahead everyone.

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sara marina said...

I love these cookies! I've got a couple of punchers but never thought of taking apart to use as cookie punchers! I think I've got a project now to do on my weekend! Thanks! I wanted to know how you got such nice yellow frosting on them? What did you use? Thanks alot!


Barbara said...

Hi my name is barbara and I live in Italy.... your little food its fantastic!! I try too to create a little food but no so realistic ...
bye bye see you soon

kathi said...

Now these little cookies are just too cute!

marcella aka milo said...

Hi, I have been lurking for a while now and it's about time for me to post my first comment :)

You can use paper punches for raw polymer clay, provided that you use a lot of cornflour/talc/baby powder on the punch to stop the clay from sticking. I love to punch my cookies raw so that I can add shading and soften the edges. I also find that the easiest to use are the handheld punches - the other ones simple drive me crazy ;)

congrats on your beautiful work, keep it up!

ilovelittlethings said...

hi marcella
i forgot to mention i use air dry clay. no problem cos i punch after the clay is dry. Else i'll be the one going crazy. ^_^