Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I want to improve my cakes!

I'm used to making cakes that are about 1 inch in diameter without using any molds. I would knead the clay into shape so it really looks "handmade" - the edges are not perfect and the cake doesn't look so neat. This time, I used a cutter and the most appropriate size I have is 0.75 inch. Gasp! That's small! However, 0.75 inch is actually a common size for 1:12 scale. You will never get this small with commercial cakes from Thailand.

So there you go. A mini peach and strawberry cake - 0.75 inch diameter. (I borrowed the fingers for this shoot cos my fingers are just too wrinkled *LOL*)

I'm happy with the cake shape this time. The edges are almost perfect thanks to my round cutter. Just that I had in mind the cake I saw at the Japanese bakery shop near my home. It had peaches, strawberries and kiwi but.... as I worked towards the centre, I found that I had no more space for kiwi. Sometimes things don't always go your way.

Nevertheless, it looks fine without the kiwi (if I didn't mention, you wouldn't have known right? ^_^) So this is up for sale at Etsy. Meanwhile, I'll strive to improve my cake making skills!


Lena said...

Beutiful cake! I alaso love the pancakes, they lookes tasty!

Paris Miniatures said...


Happy to find your blog!

Thank you for taking part in our Valentine's Day giveaway :o)

Remember to check back on Sunday 21 February to see if you were the lucky winner!

Best wishes from France,
Emma & Neil

ilovelittlethings said...

thank you lena :)

Emma & Neil - can't wait for the results, but i know i stand little chance. I'm never lucky in lucky draws. haha..