Thursday, April 7, 2011

An interim post

What an odd title. I had wanted to take photos of a new item and some new macaron tins, and also a Re-ment set I purchased recently. Then I found out that my batteries are dead. Yes, all 4 of them (my camera only needs two by the way). They are now being charged at the corner of my room. Sigh! Can't be helped. Let's find something that I can upload in the meantime. Ah! I haven't got this one up yet! I didn't want to upload this because it's not really something that I've never done before, but let's not waste my effort taking and editing this photo. :D I promise to blog about the new item very soon. My Etsy store badly needs an update too. :(

1 comment:

Glenys said...

They are so cute! Can't wait to see more.