Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tiny Popsicles

Popsicles! Perfect for a hot summer.

I love how these popsicles turned out, especially the rainbow ones. However, the tiny rainbow popsicles are extremely difficult to make. Maybe it is easier with polymer clay. With air dry clay, I had to painstakingly mix each colour with the clay and sometimes the shade just doesn't look right - either too dark or too pastel. Actually there is purple too but if I add the purple portion, the popsicles become too elongated. So please don't ask me why there are only 5 colors. In fact, these take so much effort that I don't know how to price them for sale.

The neapolitan ones are easier since there are only 3 layers. However, I made a mistake of glossing them as they don't look so realistic now. On the other hand, they look a tad unpolished if they weren't glossed. I hereby announce the neapolitan popsicles a non-success, but I can sell them cheaply to anyone interested. Just drop me an email:

I just listed some items in my Etsy shop. Do pop in and have a look.


Clara said...

Eres muy exigente contigo. Estos helados están para chuparlos antes de que se derritan. Es un buen trabajo. Besos Clara

Chica said...

WOW, it`s great and look so realistic. Good Job.
Greetings from

Ag said...

These works of yours are amazing! How wonderful to have such a creative genius!

Ag said...

Simply amazing. All of them.

Tina said...

Oh wow...this may be the cutest blog I've ever stumbled across. Can't wait to explore more of your images. :)

The Little Drummer Girl said...

THAT'S AMAZING!!! How do you do it?

miniaturista said...

Muy buenos para el verano.
Un saludo