Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Failure.. and some tips

I had a short break recently and was able to try out new materials. I bought a few items and I'd like to share with you some review / tips.

(1) Floree daisy mold
My verdict - lousy lousy lousy. The sharp edges of the flower make it very difficult to remove the clay from the mold. I tried baby powder and vaseline cream but bits of clay still get stuck in the edges. I did several daisies and I think only one can make it. I don't think I can use them especially after my husband said they look like kueh tutu before the centre was painted pink. Now you know where to get the mold for kueh tutu!

Picture of kueh tutu from Wikipedia. By the way, they are yummy!

(2) Hearty White Clay
I've been using resin air dry clay (ADC) since I began my miniature journey. And I never figured out how to make cakes easily. You've got to work hard with the needle, painstakingly poking the piece of clay to get the texture. I accidentally found the answer through hearty clay. I cut through a dried piece and tada... you get the natural texture of cakes or bread! Easy work. Just make sure you use a sealer/varnish when using this paper clay.

(3) I found mould on my polymer clay collection from other artists!!! Polymer clay?? Mould?? I must be kidding right?? It's true. They grew mouldy. I almost panicked but sweeping it with a dry cotton bud solved the problem. So make sure you don't stash your precious collections away too long. Take them out, air them, admire them and wipe away any dust very gently with a DRY clean cloth.

Oh yah, before I forget, I'm having a giveaway in my next post so please be sure to come back! It's my way of saying thank you for following my blog all these years.

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Steinworks said...

he's right if you painted the center white it would look like kueh tutu

thanks for the tip on the dry ACD I have to try that

Marisa :)

Glenys said...

Great tips.

WeeLittleWest / Kathy Olaf-Obrenski said...

It looks really good!