Saturday, May 11, 2013

PBJ Sandwich Preparation Board

Hi everyone!
I know I've been missing in action (1 post per month!!!). Hence I thought I'd make it up with what is meant for TWO posts. As if two is a big deal. :D

I've always wanted to make some mini peanut butter jelly sandwiches. I haven't made a preparation board in a long time. So tada ... presenting my PBJ prep board! I wish I could use something other than my wrinkled fingers to show the scale, but somehow the tools that I have (toothpicks, old tweezer, stained  brushes) don't fit in so well. You can just pretend that my fingers are blurred out.


Some fun facts from Wikipedia.
The peanut butter and jelly sandwich or PB&J is a sandwich, popular in North America, that includes a layer of peanut butter and either jelly or jam on bread, commonly between two slices, but sometimes eaten open-faced or with one slice folded over.
A 2002 survey showed the average American will have eaten 2,500 (really???) of these sandwiches before graduating from high school.

What is meant for another post is this pastel layered cake. I love making cakes!  


Oh... Wikipedia even has a page for layered cake but nothing interesting though. 

Hopefully my next post won't be in June. Have to break the one-post-a-month cycle! 

And ... 

Happy Mother's Day to all wonderful mums out there. ^_^

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