Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ritz crackers

Am I the only one who feels that nobody reads blogs anymore? While traffic at my Facebook has gone up, it seems that traffic here has gone down. I'm partly to blame for my infrequent update. Nevertheless, I do wonder if blogs will become a thing of the past.

Flickr is not doing too well either. Is everyone turning to Instagram? I'm really behind time. In fact, I set up my Facebook only half a year ago. I must be getting old ... finding it quite hard to keep up with trend and technology. *LOL*

Anyway, a quick post on some Ritz crackers. It's 2 am! Being a stay-home-mum with a young toddler who wakes at 7 am and sleeps at 12 midnight is really not easy.

Hope you like these mini Ritz crackers. Hand model: my husband. He's going to charge me 50 cents per photo soon because he says I keep making use of his hands. :D 

Off to bed! Happy Fourth of July to my blog friends in the US (just realized my first photo is red and blue)!


Xandra Dekker said...

Blog iets uit het verleden?... dat herken ik niet. Mijn bezoekersaantal stijgt nog steeds :)In de zomer is het meestal wel rustiger dan in de winter.

Groeten Xandra

DLSarmywife said...

I totally understand feeling like blog reading has gone down, but it could be that people just arean't commenting. I personally love to read blogs, but don't often comment.

Your miniature Ritz crackers are fabulous!

Susan said...

I read blogs every day. Not on facebook or instagram, gave up on flickr and went to ipernity but prefer blogs.

Love seeing you clever creations! The Ritz Crackers are brilliant!!

Wendy Riggins said...

I read blogs a few or a thousand times a day. ;) also on Facebook a lot too.
love your Ritz crackers!

Plushpussycat said...

I notice that blog reading drops off in the summer, and I keep hoping that blogs aren't going away. I hate Facebook but love blogs--what to do?! xo Jennifer

PILAR6373 said...

Son perfectas esas galletas,tan reales!!!!!!!

ilovelittlethings said...

Oh thanks for your comments everyone. I didn't expect such a response! So people do still read blogs after all! *jumping in joy* :D

Anthea said...

I read lots of blogs daily and have started commenting as well now. Cant get on with facebook it is too complicated but I am trying.

Yolanda Morán said...

Sencillamente perfectas, me encanta.
Un abrazo.

Isabelle said...

I love reading blogs. So many cute photos and interesting stories.
I love those crackers! Great blog too!

Jackie said...

Oh my gosh - these tiny crackers look exactly like real Ritz crackers! Wonderful!! :D

Many mini hugs,