Friday, September 6, 2013

Miniature Rubber Duckies

It's September! Time really flies. Recently I've been working on many custom orders which I will share later. They are such interesting commissions and the customers I worked with are super sweet and patient. I'm really slow... it takes me a few weeks to complete an order but they waited for me. Thank you so much! 

Here are some tiny rubber duckies I made a while back. Quack!

Showing with my finger how tiny each ducky is ...

 Hmm... baby duck is hungry and wants to have some Ritz crackers. :D

Hope you like these duckies! Have a great weekend ahead.


Xandra Dekker said...

Wat een leuke eendjes.

Fijn weekend Xandra

Plushpussycat said...

Cute ducks, and the mini Ritz crackers look so yummy! xo Jennifer

Jackie said...

Darling, simply darling! So cute!

Many mini hugs,

Little Time Wasters said...

Those are so cute!