Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Miniature Steamboat

I made a miniature steamboat today. If you are interested to learn, please email me for the contact info. However, this is not for beginners!

This steamboat set takes more time and patience than anything else I'm selling on my blog. I am ABSOLUTELY happy with the way it turned out. I think it looks very nice! The overall presentation looks something like this. I will introduce the ingredients shortly.

Let's start with my favourite golden mushrooms and going clockwise on the outer edge, we have vegetables, japanese fish cake, oysters, some meat slices, lettuce, chinese mushrooms and corn. In the centre, we have some carrot slices, crabsticks (I love making this!), fishball and button mushrooms. Yummy!

Can you see the cooked prawns? The green thing on the left is broccoli and there are two slices of cuttlefish beside it.

As it takes so much effort to make this set, I'm going to keep it for my personal collection! =)

Enquiries: ilovelittlethings@gmail.com
Other miniatures for sale: www.ilovelittlethings.etsy.com

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Anonymous said...

This is awesome!