Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Miniature Donuts (very mini version)

My fruit tarts are all sold out... looks like I need to make more!

Before I do that, I got to rush a custom order for one of my customers - DONUTS! I tried to get some inspiration from Donut Factory, J Co Donuts and Missy Donut. Nowadays there are donuts with no holes - the entire donut is covered with chocolate or funny flavours. I think they don't look nice in miniature form, so I kept to more conventional designs.

I made this in 1:12 scale. Each donut is slightly less than 1 cm across. Very tiny! So there you are, a tray of miniature donuts and a bottle of coke!

For order/enquiry, email ilovelittlethings@gmail.com.

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