Sunday, December 21, 2008

Miniature Satay

Sometimes I am really amazed at myself. At being able to make things so small. I wish I had more time to create miniatures and learn new techniques.

Besides learning how to make miniatures online, I sometimes go to Mdm Ang (from Singapore) to learn how to make local food. Please go to her for lessons! She really has a deep passion for miniature craft. ^_^

Since my customers are mainly from overseas, I tend to specialise in more westernised food like pastries. However, it is nice to occasionally switch to local food. Let's have some satay then! I assembled this piece on my own and modified the cucumber as I didn't like the original one taught in class. I also kept all the items loose as it is quite fun shifting the onions and rice cake around - different display to suit different mood. Maybe I should try making a miniature chilli crab (add to my to-do list). Yummy!


Anonymous said...

hi i'm from singapore too....and i love your satay set :) hope u will make more local fare miniatures!

a little pea in a pod said...

hi there :) I bought some ice cream miniatures before :) btw...where can i get some info on mdm ang classes? thanks ;)