Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ice Water + Vitamin C

Yippee! I'm off to Hong Kong this Friday. Have not been working hard for my shop... partly becos I am changing job and partly becos of my exam preparation. Nevertheless, I'm taking a short break before I start work.

And I promised myself to go to bed before 12.30am today. So just a quick post and presenting my iced water with lemon slices preparation "board". Ok, not a typical prep board I know..
I enjoyed making the lemons and the glass of ice water using epoxy resin. Available at My Etsy.

12.29am! Good night!


Browni Kedisi said...

amazing details. i liked them

Vane said...

Wow, I love the little evian bottle. :)

Hugs from Madrid



Snowfern said...

have much fun!

remember to bring back more minis from HK to show us ^ ^ i'll be ready and readily jealous LOL!

家梅 said...

hi hi, wish to ask u... may i know how did u do for the bottle?

Sajonara said...