Saturday, August 8, 2009

Miniature Cereal Part 2 - Koko Krunch

My last post was 25th July! I've been occupied looking for a new job and finally there is a good offer! I realised that I can only make miniatures when I am in a good mood. That's when I'm able to put my love, heart and soul into my creations and hopefully pass this on to miniature lovers who buy my items.

Still into cereals - a bowl of koko krunch this time! They may not look as good as those colourful froot loops (see my earlier post here) but i certainly love the chocolate goodness!

Available soon at my Etsy shop.


Browni Kedisi said...

they're very nice ^^

Snowfern said...

welcome back!!! good luck with your job hunt too!

ilovelittlethings said...

thanks Browni!

Cindy, you have certainly been very busy with your minis! Enjoy seeing your work.