Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bread in progress...

Exams finally over... last time it would take me days to get over a hard paper. It gets quicker as I grow older. Alternatively, take a needle and start poking into a piece of clay. This is what I get (see picture) and a happier mind. Throw in a favourite TV program and I forgot I just had an exam.

It's been some time since I touched my minis and it is always easier to start with bread making. These are what bread look like before adding any colour. Not so nice huh! Hopefully after the colouring, they would look like the finished croissants. I bought the basket but it can only hold about 3 pieces of bread, 4 without the baguette. The basket is too narrow. I'll have to think of something else.

It's time consuming to texture with needles and pins. I tried sandpaper but it doesn't work. Maybe I should get the roughest grade sandpaper? Any ideas?

It feels really good updating my blog! (sorry that I don't have many nice photos of minis yet!!)


Snowfern said...

my fave texturing tool is the humble toothbrush :P for breads, i usually use aluminum foil...come to think of it, i don't quite remember what i used le :O seldom make breads hehe

welcome back! looking forward to see more of your minis!

Beka said...

Hi, I am a baker, and I find the way to make the bread look more "risen" is to cut the slits on the baguette, then stretch the dough into shape. Same with country bread. I use salt dough which gives a realistic texture and crumb