Thursday, May 20, 2010

The waffle maker

First of all, thank you for all the congratulatory messages. I did not know how I survived that awful first three months but I am certainly back in action, although quite slowly... I get tired easily.

Having taken such a long break, I decided to try something easy, especially since my attempt at cheesecake failed last week.

How difficult can the waffle mold be? I was WRONG. Don't ask me why. Vaseline and baby powder didn't help much. Press too hard and the clay sticks to the waffle maker. And it is sooooo difficult to remove the clay with the pattern intact. Air Dry Clay is really very soft. I tried leaving it there until the clay hardens but the base turned greenish (i think it reacted with the black paint of the waffle maker). Fortunately, it gets better with practice but I recommend using those flexible pop-out mold available at Etsy miniature supplies stores.

To be continued... I need some sleep now. ^_^

Oh yes, if anyone can recommend me a brand of air dry clay that you feel is good, I'll be very grateful.


damedonna said...

I use fimo-clay,that is a polymer clay.
To get it easy out of molds, i first dust the mold with baby powder before i put in the clay.
Than store the mold with the clay in it for a couple of minutes till an our in the freezer.That you can remove the clay very easy from the mould.
Hope i helped you a little bit with this tip.
Good luck

miniature wonderland said...

Hi !!
i use grace air dry clay, and its pretty good! :)
here is a thing ; if u don't want the clay sticks to your waffle maker mold, put just a little bit of baby oil on your mold. u can use cotton bud to clean the mold. :) but remember, just a little bit of baby oil, because if u put that too much, your clay gonna be so oily.
i hope this tip will help u :)