Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some good news

I mentioned I had some good news didn't I?

Ok.. here goes.. I'm going to be a mum! Frankly, I still feel like I'm a kid and just cannot imagine being someone else's mum. Some days I imagine my kid ransacking, messing up, and worse, swallowing my miniatures. Gasp!

I spent the whole of today packing and reorganising. I've made some plans for my miniature business but my stuff are everywhere. So I organised everything in shoeboxes according to:
  • For sale
  • Materials (clay, paint, glue, molds...)
  • ReMent + other personal collection (Gosh! those mentos sweets in the rement boxes have turned into liquid!)
  • Tableware and accessories
  • Stationery/boxes/envelopes for postage
I also cleared away lots of other stuff to make way for the baby room. Tada! My things are now 80% neater. I'm very tired now but I feel so organised. I'll work on my Etsy shop very soon!!!


Snowfern said...


Dlsarmywife said...

Congrats on your own personal 'MINI'!!! =D

mr. pineapple man said...

congrats!!! now you have to make baby stuff for minis~

JYYYDesigns said...

Congratulation! :)