Sunday, May 23, 2010

Stack O Pancakes

I was quite free this weekend, so plenty of photos! Do you remember those round flat clay in my previous post? They have been transformed to a stack of pancakes ---> see below. Yes, I'm super inefficient cos I only made ONE stack.

Work in progress picture... I am showing this pic just because I love the shades of golden brown.

Then I prepared another breakfast set with some croissants I made earlier. As usual, only ONE set available for now. I'm running out of the bread tongs. And I don't feel like getting new supplies cos the shipping fee from the ebay seller is exhorbitant. I wish sellers don't try to make a profit out of the shipping fee.

I had wanted to take more photos but my 4 rechargeable batteries were all flat. See my efficiency? Yet, I'm extremely happy with myself for 7 pics + all the photo editing work + two new listings + updating of my Flickr album.
If you like the breakfast sets, grab them at my Etsy.
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Karin F. said...

I also hate when ebay sellers try to make up their fees thru me! I do understand that it's the large fees that they're forced to pay but it's still poor sales practice!
Generally I will email the seller & "mention" the postal difference. Usually they decide to refund the difference; if they don't I mention it in my feedback & depending on the amt of difference I have even left neg feedback.
If more buyers take a stand, maybe fewer sellers will do this!
hugs Karin

miniature wonderland said...

perfect pancake! please please share some tips how to make those amazing pancakes! :D

mr. pineapple man said...

cute-loos delicious!! do u make the fork, knife,, plate and all the utensils as well?

Susan said...

I just found you!

ilovelittlethings said...

thank u everyone!

mr pineapple man, i didn't make the utensils and cutlery. If only I can make those silver spoons and forks!