Thursday, October 20, 2011

Making blueberry pancakes

I love it when there is nobody at home. Silence of the night. Inner peace they call it (I feel like Po in Kungfu Panda). Tonight is one of the rare nights I have time all to myself. So no matter how tired I am, I must finish this post.

Did you know I have something for prep boards too? I love how all the tiny items come together on a board. Occasionally I need my 'prep board fix'. Here is the most recent one that took me several weeks to complete (not that I'm slow but I seldom have free time with a toddler to look after) - a blueberry pancakes prep board!

Oh yah, I love pancakes too. I also love making miniature pancake/waffle stacks. I seem to love everything don't I? No wonder I'm called "i love little things". I'm getting crappy. My dear bed, here I come!

Available at my Etsy store.


Kelsey said...

omgggg!!! what do u use to make these totes adorbs sets!
lol ive always wanted an excuse to say that... :D

Jennifer Rydell@Plushpussycat said...

This is adorable and so yummy-looking! The pancakes really look tasty! :-)

Janice said...

Home Alone!
A lovely feeling sometimes I agree.

Anonymous said...

Where did u get the wooden board?? O.o

Wellajoy said...

@I.Love.Little.Things, thankyou for following my blog.

I view your blog and is impressed with mouth watering fruit cakes and tarts that you have made.
I will come here when I feel hungry :D.

Thanks and see you again!

Valéria said...

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