Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mimo 7-11 Miniature

This is my 4th wedding anniversary gift. A convenience store drink cabinet set from Mimo! Mimo is the Hong Kong version of Re-ment and I love it, especially since it has been years Re-ment produced something I like. I didn't get all the sets as Mimo is quite pricey. Each set costs about US$50 and the shipping cost is already US$20. I don't know how many sets there are in total but judging from this box, there is a Set H which implies there may be 8 sets in all.

Mine is Set F. It was a tough choice between E and F for my case.

The bad news is that for this particular series, you have to stick the drinks labels yourself. The photo below shows one of the many sheets of stickers. Love it or hate it.

Here are the "blank" bottles, cans and drink cartons. Can't wait to get started and see the final result. These look like 1:6 scale and those living in Asia would be more familiar with the drinks, such as Vitasoy, Minute Maid, Oolong Tea...

Told you I can't wait to get started. I've already started labelling some of the plastic bottles. Will keep you posted of the progress!


Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Oh my!! This is so cute and nice! Even though it must take some time to finish wrapping all the labels, but the final result will be so worth while! Show us when you have finished :)

Pei Li

Wellajoy said...

Reminded me of my daughter's toy refrigerator that came with all bottles,can food and milk cartons that we had to assemble the labels on them. Yet those are much bigger than miniatures. It was already real fun and achievement to put them together! Looking forward the final presentation ... of the I.Love.Little.Things Mimo 7-11 ^_^.

Anonymous said...

I love it.. can you please tell me where you get it or a website? because I really want to own one for myself. Thank you!

ilovelittlethings said...

Thanks Pei Li and wellajoy! I'm finishing the labelling.. hopefully will be done very soon.

Anonymous, I got it from ebay. You can search for "Mimo convenience" or "Mimo Circle".

Grace said...

i went on the site

almost everything i wanted are sold out! =( *cry*


ilovelittlethings said...

Hi Grace,
Did you try ebay?