Friday, April 10, 2009


I'm suffering from withdrawal symptoms. I forbidded myself from making any new miniatures this month in order to concentrate on my exams. It's just sooooo hard... but I have to hang on! Nonetheless, I still surf the net a lot looking for inspiration and admiring other miniaturists' work. I also bought 2 craft books and if they arrive, I know I will be flipping through them instead of my study notes. :P

Meanwhile I hope you enjoy the platter of miniature sushi in 1:12 scale. I'm not sure what kinds of sushi are sold overseas but I love making the crabsticks and salmon eggs. I specially bought black paint for the seaweed! Now I got to think of other uses of black paint ^_^

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MiniKat said...

Great job on the sushi!

SenaMena said...

They look good! Its making me hungry!

Snowfern said...


black that i think about it, it -is- rather difficult to incorporate black into food, isn't it?

even for my kiwis, i was loathe to use pure black, so i mixed a little black pastels into translucent instead.

i suppose you could use it to dot banana seeds > < not that it would use up THAT much paint either LOL. -_-"