Thursday, April 16, 2009

Miniature Sliced Cakes II

Woohoo! I reorganized my Flickr album - to view, click on the link on the upper left corner of this page. This makes it easier to view all my photos on miniatures. I'm not exactly a website savvy person but I must learn to link those photos in my blog. Let's wait till the exams are over!

Another thing I want to improve is probably my photography skills. Frankly, I only use the macro function to capture all my miniature shots. I do admire those who take great photographs. However, one of my friends suggested that photos shouldn't be too nice as buyers may be disappointed when the actual product doesn't look as great as the photo. The photo should just show what the miniature looks like in real life. Any thoughts?

Here are some mini sliced cakes. I took these photos at 2am before going to bed. Good or bad lighting? I really can't tell. But I can tell you I love these little cakes!

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Snowfern said...

i think that when selling miniatures, you are actually selling a picture (as with alot of other web-shopping items).

so the picture is almost as, if not more important than the product itself.

that said, i think that it is also deceitful to overly enhance pictures just to sell a product. slight photoshopping like enhancing contrast, or brightening a picture to show detail is o.k., but fancy shmancy effects or removing defects is not IMO.

anyway, the product will speak for itself if it is good :) and yours are great! have always admired your eye for colours ^ ^ your work always makes me hungry -_-"

*goes look for supper :P *

Debbie said...

Your Mini Cakes are wonderful..

JYYYDesigns said...

I love these cakes!