Saturday, April 4, 2009

Macaroons Attack!

Yes... taking a break from my studies so here I am.

My husband just came back from Paris and guess what he brought back - French Macaroons! Oh I am sooooo excited. I had mentioned to him that I love looking at macaroons and making them as miniatures but I have never tasted them before. How lucky of me to sink my first bite into these - airflown from France!!! They really taste very very very very good!! I love the chocolate and strawberry. Ok I'm hooked! I hope the ones they sell in Singapore taste as good as these.

The photo below shows the life-sized macaroons and the miniature version.

Close-up of mini version in almost the same colours. Where's the pink though?

And in pastel shades! (Macaroons from France seem to be darker in colour than the ones sold here ^_^)

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St├ęphanie Kilgast said...

Congrats to your first macarons!
I must admit I almost never eat some but I'm not very fond of them either :P
I prefer croissants!

ilovelittlethings said...

I can see that you love croissants, judging from how good your mini croissants look!

Debbie said...

Your mini macaroons look fabulous.
I've never had a real macaroon either!

ilovelittlethings said...

Debbie, thanks! Maybe you should try one soon!

JYYYDesigns said...

I love these macaroons! Especially the purple and pink!