Saturday, January 9, 2010

Making fruit tarts

I had initially intended to make a plate of fruit tarts, but the more I looked at the biscuit bases, the more I grew in love with them. I just couldn't bear to cover up the cute little holes so in the end I left two of them "working in progress".

This piece is therefore an accident but sometimes, the outcome is even better than the original idea. Hope this colourful prep board brightens up your day. Available at my Etsy store.

By the way, I bought a miniature cake and it turned moldy!!! Can anyone tell me why? I have been keeping it for a year under dry and cool condition. I never knew completed pieces can turn moldy. And imagine if it had cost me US$50 :( It looked so disgusting that I threw it away but if any of you can teach me how to deal with the mold, I'll know what to do next time. Thank u!


Snowfern said...

beautiful board ^ ^i love how 'mistakes' can turn into nice surprises!

oh gosh, so sorry to hear about the cake, i mis-read and thought you'd actually paid $50 for it!

i'd read before that it happens when air dry clay is used. i honestly can't think of any way to prevent it short of sealing it with maybe matte varnish? or a spray fixative (at art stores, the kind they use for pastel drawings)

the other thing i can think of is....spray it with lysol periodically :X or store it in a case with a dessicant.

btw, your link is sorta broken? i think you added a comma instead of a . :P

Ivory princess said...

It's such a pleasure reading your blog. Thank you for introducing the world of miniatures to us :).

asuka sakumo said...

Wow, i never knew that air-dry clay can turn moldy. sorry that i couldn't help you with that, i never had the problem before.

Maybe it was because it was made out from some-kind of flour?

Before i forgot to mention, I love your tart & fruits! Especially the details on the kiwi :)

ilovelittlethings said...

Thank you Ivory princess ^_^

Thanks Cindy for informing me of the broken link. I must be half sleeping!

Asuka, the cake that I bought is not air dry clay. The mould forms on the surface. In fact, I placed my own air dry clay items beside this cake and only this cake got attacked. Haha... so weird...

Shiri said...

Mmm, delicious looking. Amazing work of art!

linsminis said...

If your cake went mouldy, it means that it must have been made with some kind of organic matter, as Asuka says, maybe flour or semolina...certainly polymer clay won't go mouldy!
Mini hugs, Linda

ilovelittlethings said...

Thanks Shiri.

Hi Linda, thanks for your advice. I hope it doesn't happen to me again.